Saturday, 27 August 2016

Two Cameroonians arrested in Dubai over fake $427,000

DUBAI: Two fraudsters carrying fake $427,000 were caught trying to convince a man to give them money to purchase a chemical to clean ‘tainted $2.5m.’

Both Cameroonians – unemployed MM, 33, and visitor FW, 39- lodged an appeal against their two-year jail term, Dhs10,000 fine and deportation punishment but the Appeal Court upheld it.

The Dubai Criminal Court had awarded them the punishment after convicting them of having had an intention to circulate the fake $427,000 (worth Dhs1, 570,000) before police could intervene on Mar.22.

They also tried to swindle money from a man (AA) by deceiving him that they had $2.5m (worth Dhs9,180,000) bearing a black stamp and that they wanted to purchase a chemical to remove the stamp.

They reinforced their claim by using a certain substance to clean some dollars. They promised him a share if he gave them money for the chemical, according to records at Al Muraqqabat Police Station.

A police lieutenant said a source alerted the CID that both men were swindling peoples’ money. Police heard they were trying to convince AA into entering the bogus $2.5m deal.

They coordinated with AA in luring them into an ambush. They were caught presenting AA with fake dollars of $100 denominations. They had tainted them with a black substance.

“We found them trying to convince him they were authentic bills and that they only needed to be treated with a certain chemical,” explained the lieutenant.

“Both revealed they had asked AA to arrange money to purchase the chemical and to pay for the shipping of $2.5m from Cameroon to the UAE.”

Police referred a sample of the confiscated bills to the Department of Forensic Science and Criminology. Forensic examiners proved them fake.

Accusation records showed that both men confessed during police and prosecution interrogations.

Source: Gulf Today

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