Thursday, 18 August 2016

The deplorable state of the Bamenda-Wum road (photos)

The Bamenda-Wum road (Photo taken two days ago)
Cameroon is plagued by poor roads and the road situation is creating a lot of hurdles to the development in the economic, political and social sectors. Shockingly not even 20 percent of the country’s roads are asphalted.
During the rainy season in Cameroon especially in the North West Region of the country, the already bad roads are rendered practically impassable, with transport fares increasing by tenfold in certain cases.

The Bamenda-Wum road (Photo taken two days ago)
It is the back-to-school period now in Cameroon and the sorry state of the Bemansa-Wum road is a huge call for concern. The road has been recently noted for potholes, some as deep as 50 centimetres. Transporters are hurting and are bewildered that despite their payment of all road taxes to Government and the various rates to the state and local governments, little is being done to repair the roads upon which their livelihood depends. 

We can't help but ask the following questions:

  • How dangerous are these road? 
  • How are students expected to go back to school? 
  • When will the Cameroon government actually do something about these roads?


  1. Disgraceful country .

  2. I think the laptops will fix this roads. Rubbish rigim

  3. shame on the president