Monday, 8 August 2016

Is Syndy Emade Causing bad blood in the Cameroonian Film Industry?

Many of you will agree with me that, there is something about Syndy Emade and no one seems to know what exactly.

Arguably, one of  Cameroon's best actresses, Syndy Emade's seems to evoke a sort of controversy and contention wherever and whenever her name is mentioned among her colleagues in Cameroon's movie industry. 

In the last six months, Syndy Emade made headlines for hanging out with international Togolese footballer Emmanuel Adebayor and for acting as one of the juries in the Miss Cameroon 2016 national competition and much more. 

Syndy Emade has hit a new high! She has totally changed the way Cameroon actresses are perceived in Cameroon. She has opened new doors and widened the playing field.

Perhaps she started off with a girl next door kinda feel, but the present day Syndy Emade is not the girl we used to know and has steadily worked her way into the hierarchy of Cameroon’s most followed actress.

Despite this, there seem to be some bad blood when her name is mentioned around her colleagues! What is Syndy Emade doing that is failing to bond her with her pears? 

Some say she is rude and snobbish, others say she is a boss-lady and her hustle is worth emulating. How do you relate to Syndy Emade? Let us know in the comment section...

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  1. She is hardworking and a go getter..she seems to be the only actress who knows what she wants..go love her

  2. She doesnt kno how to act she counts her words. She would have done some other thing than acting and alwayq wanting to play the lead role orthat yellow sissy in all her movies.

  3. However she chooses to live her, it's her business

  4. @ Anonymous
    She doesn't know how to act? Why you no go act for yi place? Who knows if you are a colleague sef? Massa wona leave this girl alone. She's adorable.
    People who say she snobbish...could just be inferiority complex.
    Who doesn't get tagged these days?
    She might count her words... but as long as she's the most sorted and stylish... Who cares?

    This girl is a Diva and we can't change that.
    Wona learn for appreciate fine thing massa

  5. she is endowed with talents but that chap de high like garri

  6. If success is measured by the number of men u sleep with to acquire money and cars den yes she is successful. As for talent she is fighting hard to get there which is good.she is not snobbish but she is rather wayward.
    As long as u have money to offer she can't keep her legs together. She has dated more than half of the big guys in the southwest province and she still dates all over the place for money.Hope it ends well for her.Cus dis days gals wanna make it at all cost . It's not how fast u go but how far u go.Being a celebrity with a cheap reputation amongst men is bad for you very bad!!!
    Anybody who knows her well and is honest with them selves will say the truth about her wayward attitude.

  7. She is Nathalie koah's student. Fucking any dick with a lil cash.

  8. I think that's her private life and she should be left alone with her God. But I don't think she's the most popular Cameroonian actrrss.She is just advertising herself in programs.Common, we have good actresses in Cameroon like Solange,Kelly,Queen etc. Their movies speak for them

  9. In Cameroon, If you are a lady and you make money, they will say you sleep around and if you are a guy, they will say you are a scammer. So is there no other way people could make money? Why are Cameroonians so negative? What you know you destroy, what you don't know you call names.

  10. I love syndy for her fashion sense, style n hustling spirit. I think she shd up her acting game, she isn't a natural wen it comes to acting. I wld say solange yijika is d best kmer actress I know for now.

  11. Like seriously!!! She isn't a good actresses at all.she is just a pretty and fashionable one but got very little acting talent. I THINK she should go for modelling.That will bring out her real self. I agree Solange yijika is the best female cameroonian actress.

  12. She might make a good porn actress because she does that already in real life for her day to day hustling

  13. If u want to speak..say something that if it ws said but to would like it...some of u speak diabolicly...if it was ur sister..will u say things like these

  14. Wuna we Wuna De defend dis gal Wuna De try ohhh...
    Who no know say Syndy na aqwara abeg? ??
    The whole SW and beyond know e runs dem and aqwara deals dem.
    E De fuck and follow plenty man dem at the same time for money and for make big gals things.
    e deh for back MacCleans with that e useless fat sweaty skin because of money no me oh.not to talk of Capelo
    , the small footballer Clinton, Some rich papa for Limbe Mr Nkome,Some white man for Douala etc just to name a few plus e one night stand dem weh dem De pay e fuck e on top.
    Any man weh e know dis gal fine know say e useless.
    E De try for act but na try e De try
    And e want be famous at all cost and e De do all thing for be so good luck only go carry sick.

  15. Ok if pipo feel sey dis girl nodi fuck for money eske dem fit tell us the source of the small change she claim for get. Her family dey broke and she no di work for any office or do business sef. Massa that girl yi virgina don skattara!!

  16. What i see here is what i describe as antagonism of frustration. A poor person only sympathizes with a poor person and so does the rich. Some of you are too poor to see anything good in Someone financially better than you are. Are there no girls who fuck around in Molyko for money but still yet are broke?? Her family might be broke as you claim but she has broken the yoke. So you try to do that or else that viscous cycle of poverty will continue not only to you but will go down to the next generation. Wona leave me the girl sha...some of wona di insult her like say if she give you that same vagina u no go fuck. Wona this Buea boy them, wona sabi pretend especially the very broke one them. lol

  17. How much does she charg for her Time.I love to have some Fun with her!