Friday, 12 August 2016

Man Suspected For The Ritual Killings In Nkolbisson Arrested

A suspect accused of masterminding the recent ritual killings in Nkolbisson neighborhood in Yaoundé has been arrested and detained at the locality’s Gendarmerie Brigade.

Gendarmes say the man is an ex-convict who was imprisoned for rape years back. The man whose name is being retained allegedly killed a 30 year old girl and her mother and abandoned them in lake and cassava farm.

Gendarmes say the man allegedly rape them before taking away their lives. Traces of fresh blood and human body parts are said to have been discovered in his Nkolbisson residence.

Residences see this new development as a step in to settle the dust raised by ritual killing in Nkolbisson.

Eight corpses, all women have been discovered recently in less than a month, with some bodies mutilated.

Administrative authorities are still tight lips over the situation.


  1. The Cameroon legal department is a bunch of fools .the man raped and killed a girl and the mother then why wasn't he in prison ?

  2. Do u actually read? Go back and re-read the article.

  3. Pa John didn't read between the lines.

  4. Please proofread before you publish.