Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Photos from Patou Manga's funeral service and burial

Patou Manga was a Cameroonian fashion icon who well known internationally for his dandy urban style. He died on July 24, after suffering a cardiac arrest. Patou's funeral service and burial was held today in Paris, France. See photos after the cut...


  1. What is life weh some person go say i fyn i rich i get sense pass some one look at life us simple lets live life with easy massa see cute hard working man with nice house n car now in a hole na wandasss death no di trt at all RIP papa

  2. POWER is the most difficult temptation for most people to overcome. We all want to be rich and above all famous. Why should anyone climb the top without a soul? It makes no sense at all. VANITY upon VANITY. RIP na all one has to say now.