Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Jungle justice: Okada thief burnt alive in Bamenda (photos)

On Augut 8, 2016, an Okada (motorbike) thief was burnt alive by a mob in Bamenda, Cameroon. 
"An armed robber shot a motorbike man with the intention of carting away with his bike but unfortunately for him he met his waterloo as the bike man clinged unto him until the irate population stormed the scene and burnt the armed robber alive before ferrying the Bikeman to the hospital." narrated an Alafnet source Azinwi Terence Niba.
The deceased who was burnt beyond recognition had no ID on him. The owner of the motorbike is reportedly in stable condition at the hospital. 

Photo credit: Santa Meteo Radio


  1. ok, ok, laptop scammer should be next.

  2. I think this is unjust..people should be given a second chance in life..this so called thief could be given the opportunity to change...God bless his soul and quick recovery for the bike man!

  3. I think the idea of burning thieves especially those that intend kill their victims before taking their stuff is good