Thursday, 11 August 2016

Football Player beats the hell out of Referee after he's shown red card (photos/video)

Usually when a football player receives a red card, he leaves the pitch, goes to the showers and thinks about the mistake he has done. However, that was not the case in the Guatemalan third devision where a match official was seriously beaten up during a game between Deportivo Chicacao and ObereƱos.

In the video below it can be clearly seen how a player, Daniel Pedrosa, viciously beats up the referee after he received a red card. It’s definitely sad to see such things happening on a football pitch and hopefully Pedrosa will be receiving a lengthy ban for his actions.

It’s a bit hard to say what led to his actions, but from the video it can be seen how Pedrosa bumps at the referee in the back and then the footballer received the red card.

Watch the video below...

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