Friday, 19 August 2016

Cops Reportedly Called To Cassie's Home Over Break-Up Argument With Diddy

Diddy, 46, might just “Need a Girl” once again. The Bad Boy mogul has reportedly broken up with longtime girlfriend Cassie, 29, in an incident that involved the police.
On Wednesday, the singer-model broke up with Puff Daddy while in a car, according to TMZ. Insiders claim an argument ensued and Diddy jumped out of the vehicle with her phone after scrolling through it with suspicions of infidelity.

Cassie’s mother called the cops after finding out about the incident. Before police arrived to her home, Diddy returned the phone. The “Me & U” singer later informed authorities that her phone was retrieved, but she still filled out a domestic incident report. No crime was reported.

The story also claims Cassie and Diddy have broken up before and it’s unclear whether this will result in a reconciliation.

The couple has dated for years, fielding engagement rumors since as far back as 2008.

Puff has also delayed the “Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour” after undergoing surgery for a shoulder injury.

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