Sunday, 14 August 2016

Collette Orji speaks on marriage (video)

Sultry Nollywood actress, Collette Orji aka Coco Wonder who recently got married to husband number two, Terence Limona has some inspirational advice for you all. In her recent vlog post, the actress spoke lengthy on marriage. Watch the vlog below...


  1. I think this advice is shallow. Is she doing this because My lovely Lily Mbing has been posting really awe-inspiring stuff? Pls come back when you are ready. See who is giving marital advise...(two weddings in a year!)

  2. Is this trying to get at Lily? Why are we like this? Even If you r passionate about this your so called talk pls not now. Whivh kind girl rhis? Its too early to start talking. Yishhhh I just hate people with no shame.

    You just trying to stay relevant. N.a. who this nor?
    Pls contact Lilly for tips on how to do this. You r boring

  3. Lol..bihhh..stfu..u are irrelevant!!