Sunday, 21 August 2016

Cheating boyfriend is confronted on Facebook Live by both girls he’s been dating (watch)

Two girls who were cheated on by the same boy got a public revenge.The scorned-exs teamed up to confront the love-rat and decided to broadcast the whole thing on Facebook Live.

They discovered his indiscretion when one of the girls looked through his phone and found that he had been messaging other women. She got in touch with the “other woman” and hatched a plan to publicly humiliate the cheating boyfriend.

They invited him over to one of their houses one evening but when he arrived he was greeted by the two of them and a camera phone. The girls giggled into the camera as he arrives at the house, one whispers:

“He’s here, you guys he is f****** here!”
As they greet him, the boy stands at the door holding his takeaway food.
One of the girls says:

“You really think I was going to talk to you again, like are you that stupid? Like you think I was like into you? I already told you like I’m not into you [sic].”
The boy continues to stand quietly as they reveal that they know he is also listed on dating website Plenty Of Fish and that they have contacted his online matches to reveal his deception.

The girl goes on to say:

“You look like a f****** idiot dude.”
To which the boy replies:
“You caught me fair and square.”
They continue to list his conquests before telling him to leave.

Source: The Sun UK

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