Monday, 15 August 2016

CEO of Whitenup, Rose Fualila launches a hair line

USA-based entrepreneur, Rose Fualila who launched Whitenup Cosmetics in March 2016 just launched a hair line called Unik Virgin Hair, today. The following is what the websites says about the virgin hair.
Our Unik Virgin hair comes directly from the temples . We carry only 100% REAL human hair Hand picked from the Best Temples, It is then shipped to our own factory where it is assembled and packaged. This is how we are able to provide a hairline with the strictest quality standards for an unbeatable price. Our REAL human hair is completely natural and no chemical processes are used. We have our own team of hair collectors that painstakingly hand pick only the highest quality Unprocessed Hair. We guarantee that every single strand is 100% human and no substitutes are used to cut costs and lower prices. All of our hair originates from a single person to ensure that the entire bundle is the same in texture, feel, and look. It is in the same condition that it was when it was still growing on the donors own head. This allows the extensions to blend in with your own natural hair, especially when your own hair starts to grow out after a few months. All of our cuticles are live and they are all arranged in the same direction preventing tangling, kinking, shedding, and all the normal problems that are usually found in hair extensions. The cuticles are the bodys natural protection and are essential in maintaining the integrity of the hair structure. Our continuing commitment to our clients is to provide the finest grade human hair that has the versatility to keep up with todays changing fashion and styles. Our hair is specifically designed to allow our clients the freedom of choice. Curl, crimp, natural wave, up-do, or straight, it will adapt to any style day in and day out. With proper care and maintenance, and the use of the correct hair care products such as Unik hair management Products our hair last up to 3 years +.
Congratulations Rose!

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