Friday, 5 August 2016

CEO of Whitenup Cosmetics starts up another business venture

CEO of Whitenup Cosmetic: Rose Fualem
The number of Cameroonian women owned businesses has tripled over the past five years. If you’re an aspiring or new Cameroonian woman entrepreneur, you’ve probably experienced the invigorating feeling in which you’ve said, “Yes, I’m finally doing it!” I finally overcame my fear of leaving a successful corporate career to launch my dreams.

I must say it feels amazing to join the ranks of the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in Africa. The decision to take the entrepreneurial leap is one that is both courageous, yet challenging, inspiring, yet intimidating, and yields personal fulfillment and, hopefully, wealth generation.

Cameroonian entrepreneur Rose Fualem, who launched a "bleaching" cream brand called Whitenup Cosmetics in March is about to start up another business venture. Kinnnaka's blog gathered that the USA-based skin beautician will be launching a hair extension line online next week.

Rose shared the hair photo above with the following caption: 
Are you guys Ready for Quality hair Extensions 100% human Virgin hair will last you 2 to 3 years well worry no more Unik Virgin Hair Extensions will be launching it's Official website next week my God is winning...


  1. From black to white skin entrepreneur. Why are all Cameroonians women entrepreneur always about skin bleaching? They should look for other things than skin bleaching products! Bring back our black girls lol.

  2. Nothing wrong with that... Good business is about what sells. Follow the $ign.

  3. I am a Cameroonian woman entrepreneur but I am not about skin bleaching. In order to be successful, you need to invest in something you are passionate about and if skin bleaching is what these entrepreneurs are passionate about and they are achieving success, why not. People have a choice to buy or not to buy.