Friday, 19 August 2016

Cameroonian/Nigerian actress Philldella Yve put haters on blast over Zack Orji (video)

Zack Orji and Philldella Yve

Cameroonian/Nigerian actress, Philldella Yve, 24, took to Facebook this morning to warn haters who have been sending her hate messages because of the movie she is currently shooting with legendary Nollywood actor, Zack Orji. 

According to the actress, she woke up to inbox messages from two females saying she was lying about working with Zack Orji. Some people can be so petty! Watch a video of Philldella addressing the hate below...


  1. She should just speak normally instead of using a weird American and British Accent mixing them up. What's wrong with us? can't we just be ourselves. Her accent is so annoying.

  2. True talker????
    I was listening and admiring the accent instead. It's crazy how we receive info. If there's anything I took out of the video it's her refined accent and her choice of words. She's talented too

  3. This girl sweet bad

  4. You don't look 24. More like 42.