Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Cameroonian Man Reportedly Killed By His Girlfriend In Atlanta, USA (photo)

According to unconfirmed several news reports, a Cameroonian man known to Kinnaka's Blog only as Jerry was allegedly killed by his girlfriend in Atlanta, USA. The details of this story is unknown to us at the moment.  

Stay tuned for more on this story...


  1. He was caught cheating on his black American girlfriend.Trust akata girl them noh.He died in active service.When Cameroonian boys come abroad they treat their fellow sisters from Cameroon as dogs and consider them to be lower than women from other races.Maybe they think dating women from other races make them more superior oh .When they know you are from Cameroon they can even spit on you.Life abroad is very different and that is what they fail to know.Someone may even prefer to waste your life and go to jail only because they don't want to see you exist.Na double wahala for dead body.

    1. Even if is how you feel about cameroonians, you should keep it for yourself. We lost our countryman in a devilish way. Our prayers should go to his family. RIP

  2. Wow what a sad news to hear. Jerry was a nice person. Cheating doesn't warrant anyone to kill anyone in a matter of fact. This marks SIX deaths in this family.
    May God comforts and wraps his arms around the family in Jesus name.

  3. Thats ur perception Mama. its a matter of choice.

  4. When did black people from another country become another race? I am truly sorry for the loss of life; may his soul rest in peace. Prayers to his family.

  5. what ever you say guys we should pray for it is a soul that is gone. No matter how bad someone was or is. we should have some respect for the dead. Come to think of it, do you even know how your own will come. May your soul R.I.P