Saturday, 20 August 2016

Boy Giresse calls out Cameroonian Music Directors

Sweden-based Cameroonian artist, Boy Giresse seems to think there is a lot of copy work going on among music Directors in Cameroon. The Mini Mini singer took to Facebook a few hours ago to post the following;
#‎Truth‬. Most of the recent Camair music videos now appear to have the same or similar concept despite the genre. No offence but the music industry is alarming, artists investing so much in videos now, so should directors invest in ‪#‎creativity‬.
Watch Giresse's Mini Mini video below...


  1. He has a point which I strongly agree with him.

  2. He may have a point, but the message he is trying to pass is vague. We need to know the copy copy aspects of music production going on amongst the producers or artists. Watching his Mini mini video, I would say he is also guilty of the criticism he is trying to make. For example, most modern day music videos and lyrics in Cameroon, Naija et al involve a guy trying to get a lady, appraising a lady's beauty, curvy shape, big buds, boobs....... you name it guys!!. His video is no different from this trend.
    Again he has a point, but I would say he or his producer is no different from others. My humble opinion.

  3. yeah julius,i agree with you you know what am seeing,he is just trying to mk us watch his video which has d same concepts as others and kikis caption tu made me think am going to see a different thing...its his own way of mking his promo sha!......Hahahahahahaha