Friday, 26 August 2016

Bamenda pastor impregnates two sisters aged 18 and 14 (photo)

An incredible case of sexual relationship between a spiritual guide and two teenagers shakes since Wednesday, August 24, 2016 in Bamenda, the headquarter of the North West.

Aged 18, Akombom Marie Claire is six-month old pregnant. And younger sister,Brenda Nyingmah, 14, is three months pregnant. The author of these two pregnancies is Pastor Kokhi Emmanuel, aged 29. These three people were presented to the press Wednesday, August 24, 2016 by the gendarmerie of the Kedjom Kekuh neighborhood.

The men in uniform had them arrested following a complaint filed by Tsibuh Toh Grace, the progenitor of the two girls. According to the collected statements from both sides by the gendarmerie, the story began about five years ago when, against the advice of their mother, the two children were enlisted to “The Cross Over Ministry“, one of many revivalist churches that counts in our country. Just arrived, the two teenagers became the conquests of Emmanuel Kokih, who practices in this congregation as pastor.

Suspecting an insidious relationship between the young pastor and her children, Grace Tsibuh Toh said she tried unsuccessfully to regain back her offspring.

“Look at my children, the pastor destroyed them. It is four years since I try to get my children from this church. Because the behavior of the pastor always made me believe that it is not good. My family and I will complaint in the services of the D.O’s office and to the gendarmerie. But many times, the pastor was arrested and released. The villagers even assaulted the pastor for him to leave. Nothing was done by the authorities. When my first daughter was pregnant, she hid who was the father of her pregnancy because she was under the threat of the pastor. This is my second daughter who had courage to unpack everything when I found that she was also pregnant.It was before the police that her sister also said the same pastor is the one who impregnated her. If the authorities had listened to us, we would not be here, ” protested Grace Tsibuh to the press.
The defendant does not deny the facts! Worse, he believes he has put into practice a divine requirement.
“I obeyed the will of God. It is a spiritual thing that is behind this act, if I explain this spiritual battle you will not understand. But, I agree to support these two sisters and the children they give birth, “he said.
Emmanuel Kokhi who has a reputation of being a womanizer, is the prototype of “Bonbon Pastor” character of an Ivorian music. For three days now he ponders his fate in the cells of the gendarmerie while waiting eventual incarceration at the prison in Bamenda.



  1. Wanderful thing. See me trouble. Why must the spirit lead you to sleep with 2 sisters.

  2. At what point do the Girls become victims and have to be presented to the press like criminals? The so called pastor is a rapist as one of these ladies is clearly an underage and the other was subjected to such evil as a minor herself. He needs to face the full force of the law (if my country has one) and these ladies need help from the community and their families. he should not be aloud access to those kids.

  3. Allehluyah God is still saying something

  4. At least this has come to show that catholic priests are not the only ones who 1.human, and 2.evil spirits' preys. Very sad situation and people should continue to bring this to light so that church leaders can get help as well. They are not superheroes or aliens!

  5. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂... Wandaful tin...

  6. this pastor should learn to control those things between his thighs. For him to swing it in disorder causing havoc in one family is A sad thing. highly anointed waist.

  7. Was that a Google translate story?

  8. That's the level our people, Southern Cameroonians better still Ambazonians have been reduced to oppressed and annexed politically and spiritually. Like biblical Israel the chains of bandage will be broken by self truth not by falsehood

  9. He's not ok.. the spirit 'led' him to impregnate a minor and her sister..wehhh poor mother