Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bamenda Journalists set to boycott Kibonen Nfi's next event until she apologies

USA-based Cameroonian fashion designer Kibonen Nfi will be hosting pop up shop in Bamenda, Cameroon on Saturday 6th of August. Bamenda Journalists have reportedly planned to boycott her event until she tables an apology for "insulting" them after her last event in May 2016. 

In an interview with Musi Nash Pictures Kibonen Nfi lashed out on the Bamenda media for the poor articles written about her Made in Camer Faire Trade Production Plant project, even though she reportedly spent 500,000 FCFA at the press conference which was held on May 17th, 2016 at the Ayaba Hotel Conference Hall, Bamenda. 

According to Kibonen Bamenda Journalists are incompetent and are only interested in eating and collecting money without doing their job.


  1. Bad luck make them no kam nor.. but no be lie she talk oh? the journalist are only interested in food and drinks and then payment. Same like any other service provider in Cameroon. They should be the one apologising to KNY coz she paid them, but they did not do a good job. Instead of asking for apology they should think how to up their game.

  2. Hahahahaha who told them that they pay journalist before they go on your events. Does she do that in the US. You present your program and invite the press. You don't insult the media men and call them class seven leavers. If you gave your money to A, call the A in private as you gave it in private. Do not generalize the entire profession as bad. She is just being a fool here. If you insult designers as a whole, will she feel insulted too?

  3. What she failed to remember is that journalists get power. The same way they can make you is the same way they can destroy you.

  4. she's 100% right-Journalists here are so lazy and only interested in "perdiems". They are saying they will not attend until she apologizes as if she apologizes without given them "perdiems" they will attend. Even if she apologizes they will not still attend until she pays them. laga journlist, cheap journalists, cut and paste journalists. Wuna no cam self.