Sunday, 17 July 2016

The highly anticipated “Mini Mini” video by Boy Giresse is finally here (video)

Two months ago, Boy Giresse a.k.a Okasa Wanumu (Strongest) released a hit single “Gimme Dat Mololo” featuring Belvia which was well received in Cameroonian communities around the world. The Sweden-based singer has unique rich vocals and style of blending Afro pop, RnB and Makossa to yield a magical outcome.

This morning Boy Giresse released the highly anticipated video of his new single “Mini Mini”. It was reportedly produced, mix and mastered in Cameroon by the talented Dijay Pazzo. Watch the video below...


  1. good sound, but the video could be better

    1. Yea that's true, but the concept is simple and the video appears to be dope for a simple concept. Thumbs up to Boy Giresse, Dijay Pazzo and Dr. Nkeng Stephens for bringing up this completely cool piece. Kamer got talents!!!

  2. Wooow, this Boy Giresse of a guy is honestly coming up with full speed... He is going to take over Cameroon music if he gets a good team to work on massive promo coz hardly is it ever seen or even common in the music industry for a new comer to put up str8 two hit songs in a row, I mean his 1st two tracks are mind blowing already. He has proven himself twice within a very short period of time, luv u for that Boy. Im a vry big fan, solidly behind u...//...