Monday, 18 July 2016

Syndy Emade and Agbor Gilbert Ebot at Ecrans Noirs 2016 (photos)

“Ecrans Noirs” is considered as one of the important meetings of cinema in Africa, “Ecrans Noirs” is a film festival founded in 1997 to promote the seventh art of the continent and Cameroon in particular.

Since 2008, the event includes a contest opposing many African and foreigner contestants. At the end of the festival, winners are given awards in recognition of their work in the cinematographic art.

The competition is held in four categories: the international competition rewarding full length and short films and documentary; the foreign movies competition which rewards long film fiction; the Central Africa competition and the Cameroonian competition.

The 20rd edition of the festival started on July 15 and will end on July 23, 2016. So in love with Gilbert's suit!

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