Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Scammers using Stanley Enow's brand to scam people?

Stanley Enow's PR took to Facebook to warn the public about scammers using Stanley Enow's name to scam people. The following is what she posted; 
"CAM ALERT!!!There are various ongoing scams making use of the image and name of Stanley Enow Official and Motherland to reap people off their money.
A few people have already fallen victim so please do be cautious.
1. Do not communicate with fake STANLEY ENOW Facebook Accounts.
2. Do not send money to anyone for whatever reasons such as asking you to pay to receive any item(s) won from STANLEY ENOW or his MANAGEMENT.
The true and legit STANLEY ENOW Facebook Page is STANLEY ENOW OFFICIAL with the certified blue tick.Do not become a victim of fraudsters.
Your safety matters to them so please share this information with your friends and loved ones."

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