Monday, 11 July 2016

Paul Biya is in bad shape with prostate cancer?

The president of Cameroon, Paul Biya, is reportedly in a very bad shape! According to an  article published by the 83-year-old is suffering from prostrate cancer. This is what the website posted below... 

Since the celebration of the 56th celebration of the independence of Cameroon where his vehicle broke down before a large crowd, Paul Biya is not seen in public. According to a military source, the head of the
Cameroon government is seriously ill of a prostate cancer that is beginning to defeat him. He is currently in hospital in Germany. Information is kept secret in the country.

In March 2015, the French newspaper Le Monde revealed that “Paul Biya is currently staying in a hospital in the canton of Geneva, where he is being treated for heart problems and prostate cancer.”

The website noted that “To finance the trip of the President of all Cameroonians, the Treasury (money of Cameroonian taxpayers) had to be shed for the astronomical sum of 1,250 billion CFA francs.”

Doctors still believe that the Cameroonian president will get well. Reached by telephone, a hospital source informs us that it can not rule on that question, but confirmed: “. For now, his health is critical”

“This situation destabilizes all republican institutions of our state and places us in an uncertain and dangerous future,” responded the Cameroonian Marcus Bibulus.


  1. Ca Va. Long hand don dey reach for twelve but if he is sick i hope he gets well soon . Our Country may not be going how we want but no can say with all certainty that its the presidents fault.Get well soon PoPo

    1. True Get Well soon.

  2. How many times have we had bews like this... Please let him just die already...

  3. If this is true, then i pray he gets well sooner and finish this shit that he has started

  4. Make the motherfucker die massa make man try get new leader weda na bad or good one no problem

  5. make yi die quick quick

  6. No wonder his daughter has been quiet on social media. Old man in bad shape.

  7. Well my beloved president get well soon and lets the will of God be done. Death is the inevitable end of everyman we all will certainly exit one day.

  8. No comment. Freedom can't be stopped though it can be stolen.

  9. Massa I dong tire this problem, making God take control.