Wednesday, 6 July 2016

KB reader who is secretly in love with his Facebook friend needs you advice

Dear Kinnaka, 

I've heard people rely on your blog for advice and solutions to their stories and problems. Kindly share my story for advice on what I'm facing please.
Lemme hide my identity for now please. I'm getting confuse and don't want to fall in a pit.

I'm a Cameroonian, Male, based in Diaspora for greener pasture. Though I see all these white girls everyday, they don't mean a thing to me. I have fallen for this slim and beautiful girl, a university student in Bamenda. I've not opened up yet to her anything about I love her but we trust each other so much. we haven't meet yet just seeing each other on photos.

We talk to each other both Facebook and WhatsApp. but I'm just like going crazy not to fall for somebody's girlfriend nor date somebody's lover. And I don't want to make a fool of myself.

I try hard to take off the thoughts in my mind yet no way. what else can I do? I was thinking of just blocking her off on all media so that I can at least resolved the situation a bit. Any mature advice from y'all will be highly appreciated.


  1. My Dear Friend
    You have a family back home
    you have many people to take care of
    your father and mother or brothers and sisters are there
    so u met on facebook you talk on whatsapp you will marry on twitter and make honeymoon on instagram
    my brother calm down work your budget forget about that love life on facebook
    God will bring your wife to you and when you meet her you will know
    take it easy and pray thats all but dont fall in love until you meet you must love her smell height taste of saliva a whole lot so keep the love u till you meet

  2. Am a man too. and I have been in your situation like more than 10 times with different girls..but am fine ok? so This is what you should do man.

    Tell her your feelings straight. Tell her you have feelings for her. From there, if she is single, you propose a relationship. But if she is not, just forget and continue living. There are so many girls in pays. Be a man with balls ma broda!

  3. loneliness hahaa winter is coming... see eh do you love yourself first off?
    Next it's not wrong to be in love but are you sure your not in love with an illusionist?
    the reason you are asking you hoping you rightly invest your emotions .
    the only way is God. He knows our thoughts actions and future.
    Do you love yourself? You can't give what you don't have.
    Are you even ready for a relationship? Ask God fast and pray for three days for clarity and to hear from God. Trust me maybe bc you are in Diaspora and they are giving you sweet attention. If God says yes, have courage to pursue. If ans is no, have courage to start disengaging your thoughts. It can take three weeks to cancel a neural pathway. Disengaging yourself gradually from activities or conversation with the lady. When the name or picture comes up in your mind you say Jesus Christ Loves Me. You can do that for a minute. Hopefully by day 21 you have a different neural pathway. poof