Tuesday, 19 July 2016

"I have never had a business deal with Magasco" - Djeric

I am sure you have all read or seen something about the Magasca vs Djeric's brouahaha currently trending on social media platforms. If you are new to the story read HERE! Kinnaka's blog earlier reported that there was an unconfirmed rumour on the streets that Djeric's shade was based on a business disagreement between himself and Magasco.

Addressing Kinnaka's blog, this is what the Djeric wrote; 
For the record, I have never had a business deal with Magasco. One of his groupies called Ebangha Njang approached me and my partner some time ago about getting a work visa for him and we were simply not interested. Now she's throwing tantrums on Fb.
What I said was out of touch, I admit it and I already made a video saying to him and fans that I AM sorry sorry . But it was not out of any vendetta against the artist. I love his music by the way.
A Facebook user quickly called him out for exposing "business" with Ebangha Njang that took place behind close doors and this is what Djeric wrote in response; 
Good. She said somewhere that I promote Achu for a living right? Story di bring story. Let her pay the bill she stuck on me and disappeared. Then tell me which Achu place is in Minnesota . smh.
You all know Ebangha Njang is never one to let it go...The Kreef Ent. Co-founder replied as follows...
Djeric Lemessi. 😂😂😂Y u no tag me on ur post??? I'm seeing it 41 mins later cos ppl just sent me screenshots smh coward!!!First & foremost y'all approached KREEF. Not the other way around uncle. Y'all couldn't pay EMPIRE ei price now na say "not interested" hehhehe I have receipts!!! & who's ur partner??? Uncle Éric go and sit down sumwhere and continue drinking. U di worry!!!! I guess standing up for a very hardworking Camer artist is being a "groupie" huh?? Then I don't mind being a groupie for all of them in Cameroon.
Just move on. & please next time just tag me to show it's real. I nobi magic man for di waka guess say person talked about me on here sumwhere. Uncle bye!!!
Na wah ohh...someone give me a bag of popcorn! So is Ebangha confirming that Djeric's shade stemmed from his lack of adequate funds to hire Magasco? Story di truly bring story! 


  1. This is not good for business guys. We can't see real success with such attitudes. Even if na true say he was not interested because there are no funds, na fault?

  2. Wandasss na so ei don bad reach.

  3. Hayaaaa! That Ebangha get mup oh.
    today is the first time am hearing about Djeric. Smb. Shaking my butts!