Friday, 15 July 2016

Fans put Genevieve Nnaji on blast for asking them to pray for France following terror attack

Nollywood star Genevieve Nnaji took to her Instagram page to wish the people of France well after the terror attack they suffered yesterday, by posting the French flag and praying for them. The 37-year-old actress wrote;
Father into thy hands I commend their spirit 💔🇫🇷. #prayforparis #prayforjustice
Majority of her fans who commented criticized her for ignoring the killings in Benue and Nigeria in general and praying for a foreign country. Read their comments below...


  1. All lives matters. Why would she be asking Nigerians to pray for France when Boko Hiram is killing thousands of Nigerians everyday. Just like Assou Ekotto said there's no V.I.P in death. When thousands of Cameroonians where killed in the North by Boko Haram , he wanted to wear a black Arm band to pay respect for them but his team A French Club. (Saint Etienne) didn't accept that he should wear it but when there was the Paris attack they ask the whole team to wear a black Arm band and he refused saying "There is no difference amongst the Dead. So when the learn to respect our fallen ones then we would do same with theirs but till then they shouldn't expect any form of prayers or tributes from us in times like this

  2. you have said it all lionel mbake #pray for everyone

  3. You'd be sutprise how clueless some African stars are.

  4. Whites will always be superior as long as we keep on licking their ass. Genevive should be ashamed of herself. Woman "charity begins at home" have you forgotten that so soon???