Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Exclusive Interview: All Anglophone artists singing in French are cowards - Tzy Panchak

Etah Tambe Nyenti (born Feb 27, 1990), better known by his stage name Tzy Panchak, is a Cameroonian recording artist and performer in Kumba, Cameroon. Tzy Panchak relocated to Calabar, Nigeria at a young age where he continued with his Education and subsequently graduated from Calabar University with a B.SC in Computer Sciences. Tzy then returned to Cameroon where he began his music career. He has released tracks like "No worry","Salute" Ft Chantman, and "Stay with me".  His 2015 cover of woju "Mado" was well-received in Cameroon. Tzy Panchak recently signed a record deal with Blu Nation. Kinnaka's blog had the following random chat with the handsome Tzy Panchak:

KB- Why did you decide to go into music after acquiring a degree in Computer Science?  
Well Music has always been a part of me ever since I was a kid. When I graduated from the University I got a job in an oil company in Calabar, Nigeria  where I worked for over a year. I spent most of my time in the office singing to my boss and colleagues and got all of them calling me "Panchako".while working I use to go to the studio to record and write songs for some artists, songs that did well in the Nigerian Music Industry etc., Am in love by Harrysong, the "reggae and blues" crooner and so many I can't mention. When i lost my brother two years ago I realized that life is very short. Then I decided to chase my dreams and do what makes me happy so that when I die I have no regrets. That's why i came back to Cameroon to pursue a career in music because music is my first love

KB- Some anglophones are upset with the fact that some Anglophone artists sing mostly in French. As anglophone and an artist, what do you have to say about that? 

Yeah, that's true some anglophone artists now sing in mostly French because they know the francophones run the music business in Cameroon and so they want to sell out. My honest opinion is that those artists are cowards, reasons being you can't be a chief in your village and you address your people using a language that they don't understand . You need to represent your people the right way and that's putting your language out there so that wherever they maybe, they will be like wow this artist is making us proud .The francophones act like they don't understand English but when an Artist like Wizkid comes from Nigeria they will sing all his lyrics from start to finish But when it's an anglophone artist they will be like you need to sing in French to succeed . That's so f**king wrong and we need to change that stupid mentality.

KB- Tell us about Blu Nation and why you agreed to being part of the music label. 
Blu Nation Recording is a record company that understands the issues we facing in the Cameroon music industry and they have come to redefine Cameroon music  and with my help we are going to make history. I agreed to be part of the label because I and the CEO Marvin Mvondo have so much in common, apart from the fact that we have similar ideas he also  believes in me so much and I can't let him down.

KB- What exactly happened between yourself and Best Music. Why didn't you tell them you were going to be signed by Blu Nation? 
I was not signed under best music inc., I had a partnership deal which expired before the Blu Nation contract came in. Even at that I still discussed with the CEO Slimbeatz who is still my producer and he supported my decision 100 percent

KB- You seem to be very talented and have been in the Music Industry both in Nigeria and Cameroon for a while and yet you have very little material out there. Why is that? 

Haha that's  because when I was in Nigeria I was not fully involved in music. I was either in school or working so it gave me little or no time to concentrate on my music and another thing Nigerians promote their own ,they don't promote foreigners more than their local artists  which is contrary to us ,we promote foreigners more than our local artist so I had no choice but to have little material lol

KB - You are half Cameroonian and half Nigerian. So what do you think the Cameroonian Entertainment industry needs to do to be as big as Nigeria? 

Well we need to work on our material, forget this empty pride and work together. We need to stop all this I am a God, King ,Queen ,Beast ,Lion Tiger etc., lol and work together to produce songs that will represent us internationally. Unity is the only way forward .

KB- What do you think is more important in a woman's life, Marriage or a Career? 

Career of course!

KB - What are your weaknesses?

I am very emotional

KB- Askia once told Kinnaka's Blog during an interview that she has a crush on you. Do you feel the same way towards her and what do you think of her sort of music? 
Hahahaha I don't know if that information is true though, never heard of that. Askia is my friend and I like her a lot, she is very talented and to me the best female Mc in Cameroon.

KB-who is your favourite Cameroonian entertainer and why?
West Madiko because his music inspires me alot and my greatest wish is to do a collabo with him in the nearest future.

KB- Tell us about the projects you are working on now.

Okay,we are organising a company launch on the 30th of July at Chariot Hotel Buea. It will be a signing Event /video premiere /Ep release .We will be dropping two videos at the same time .Makaveli directed by Dr Nkeng Stevens and Stay with me directed by Adrenaline. So stay tuned guys we coming strong .Peace ,Panchakoooo


  1. Highly anticipating ooh. Interview on point. Kinnaka Tv on my mind.

  2. man you sing more in pidgin not English. You have a mix of English and French in your songs which is good. I total disagree with you for saying anglophone artists should not sing in French, they should sing in English and French. that represents the country and it has advantage in marketing.

  3. You don first sing someone for english pipo like'am? Idiot... jealousy fool

  4. na wah for u ooo, this new Blu nation full of scammers don just mke this boi feeling High, just how we best music got u knw na so Blunation go do u dirty if u no deliver, no forget say u get fans who promote and appreciate u, statements like these kills ur fan base , so is r career, so no matta how much ur contract states of gives u, u need ur fan base. beside no lable go di give u money if u no fit bring in nothg. watch the space. "mado" na cover song, we na ur hit song lol #fear

  5. #YaPima don't think you're all the way up coz if they ask where you live no man no go point to the hills. You ranting with no original hit song from you when your mates are making the people go gaga with their songs but they still loyal

    1. I like him "like that" He's a fire singer, very talented

  6. Tzy Panchak The real coward went home to tell The tale because The fight was above his level. Akara artist.

  7. Wonder who even told this fool he is relevant in the game. You have no hit song but di comment on people who are making kamer music known out there. U fit compare Mr Leo or even Jovi? Go shiddon for house di watch better artist sing in french english and whatsoever languague dey want to sing. You go kill your career even before yi start. CAPITAL FOOL. #EMPTYLASSARTIST

  8. Team panchak, one day they will understand. No worry

  9. Why are all the haters anonymous hahahaha,cameroonians got no balls..

  10. Tell them!! I don't enjoy music in French.

  11. Guy u are on point...very frank..haters gonna hate.

  12. No disrespect it's immature dudes.Music has no language specifics whether English, French, Latin, Spanish or any dialect(mother tongue) it can be song in any and enjoyed by many. Tzy me disagree with you tho cos de most famous kamer artist anglophone tho got to his peak with a mixed language hit. If ur song don't go viral don't blame it on language shit. Fans like wat dey like and want dey want and don't like wat dey don't like or don't want wat dey don't want. Period!!!