Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Drunk Police Officer Shoots And Kills Man In Mbouda

Photo used only for illustrative purposes 
The public security commissioner of the city of Mbouda, Bamboutos division (West), suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, shot at close range, a young man trying to satisfy a natural need, on the main roundabout of the central town, reported eyewitnesses.

Before the tragedy, according to community sources, there was a brief exchange between the officer and the young man called Joseph Talla, “the police commissioner asked the young man not to urinate on the street. The latter did not comply. The police commissioner shot him on the spot with his service weapon, “said Ghomsi Urban, an eyewitness.
After his crime, the police officer left the city to take refuge in Bafoussam, the western regional capital.


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