Thursday, 28 July 2016

Collette Orji shows off ring and kisses alleged husband number two (video)

Nollywood actress Collette Orji and her alleged husband number 2 Terence Limona seem to be unbothered about the controversy surrounding their alleged marriage. In a new video uploaded by the Cameroonian actor on Facebook the pair look really happy as they sing along to a Nigerian praise song and kiss. Could this be a shade to critics? Watch the video below...



  1. The girl first ugly massa! She is no where near lily and vicky . See ei old mami face. Makeup na bastard ya. Enjoy it while it last madam.

    1. na really while it lasts.... make we no hear say person waka cry

  2. This could have been ..... and .... but they can't stop fighting over social network. Terence be di use them fine esp for IG. Ei go put pic show socks and tag both fighters na so them be di want kill body with comments, esp ..... Then, ur no be know sey na player na now ur sabi. Reasons why one madam nobi fit hold her anger and call another through social criticism, sey fashion police. Make ur finish side ur start. As for this polyandry woman, she really get Kumba blood she even find time for provoke haters. hahahahaha. Madam them weh like fight over a man like Terence ur go play this video like 1.OOO.OOOtimes today. Collete ei juju strong!

  3. hahahah i like the i don't care types as far as love is concern.

  4. Miracle thing !! Worwor girl. Wuna two deserve each other.the girl over look local for my eye.Hebeyyyy people get taste for woman.The way she displays herself shows she doesn't have class.

  5. No class this Colette. Lily Mbingo is way beautiful than her. Yet this primitive Bakweri man cheated on her. The worst is that he was sleeping with Mbango Adambi while still married. That makes Mbango a cheaper prostitute. She even had the guts to be displaying his pics on IG. Calling him my partner. Better na Vicky weh na online date and ei chakara online. Terence you have no class. Someone said you just started having orgasms. Enjoy it while it last. No only cheat make igbo girl cut ya penis. Nonsense.