Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Guinea-Bissau woman slits the throats of her two children (Graphic photo)

A woman identified as Mariam Djelo Diallo slit the throats of her two children in Conakry,  Guinea-Bissau The gruesome incident took place at her home in Bissau Plak1 District last night. Preliminary investigations by the police say she is mentally unstable. Photo of the dead children after the cut. WARNING: Some viewers might find the photo disturbing.


  1. Catchy human interest story,but I'm afraid its way too scanty?What were her motives,why did she commit such an atrocious act?And why the ''suspense'' Kinaka?

    1. tTere is no reason why someone should kill her own kids.Are you kidding me?What explanation are you demanding for such a thing?

  2. My God. I thought this things only happen in the Western world. They knew she wasnt stable. Why leave her with childrrn. Weheee may their souls RIP.