Monday, 6 June 2016

Who is Ruth Nkweti?

Ruth Nkweti better known as Ruthie is a multi talented Cameroonian actress born on January 26, 1989 in Tiko in the southwest region of Cameroon and is originally from the North West region. She started acting, producing and directing sketches and plays at a young age in secondary school. She was not conscious of the fact that it was preparing her  for a career. In 2008, While studying for a BSc in Political Science, Ruthie began auditioning for small parts; though she has never had any formal training in acting for the Camera, however, she has attended multiple seminars and workshops.

In 2011, Ruthie who is known for emotionally charged roles, got a big movie role in the movie Obsession produced by Binam Studios and directed by Kamwah Anthony. She was nominated for the 2011 Zulu African Film Academy Awards (ZAFAA) in London as Best Up-Coming Actress and went on to win subsequent awards in Cameroon. She has featured in movies like On the Brim, directed by Waa MusiTroubled Kingdom, directed by Neba LawrenceA Litlle Lie a Little Kill, directed by Tebo Njie and Woman directed by the amazing Nkeng Florence.

The versatile actress who is ready to fit in any role ranging from action to romance, speaks understand and writes English, French and pidgin English perfectly. 
Ruthie aspires to work with a director like Micheal Bay. The 27-year-old actress hopes to be one of the top actresses in Cameroon, not for the fame but for the fact that at that position, she would be able to pick and chose scripts.

The actress works as a freelance reporter and writer and get called to give her opinion on various TV and radio shows. 
With her love for film, fashion and entertainment, Ruthie created a company, Black Diamond Ltd under which it's subsidiary Black Diamond Films is currently shooting a short film entitled E Do (Enough). This company will also be used as a platform to train filmmakers in their various departments so that the Cameroon Film Industry as well as the International Community has a vast pool to choose from.


  1. Smart and intelligent lady she is, not forgetting the talents I noticed she's got!

  2. Go Ruthie! you give us hope for a better Cameroon film industry. May God continue to keep you.