Wednesday, 29 June 2016

US 'gives cash compensation' to the family of the boy killed by US diplomat Samantha Power's motorcade

The US government has given a Cameroonian family one million CFA francs ($1,700; £1,260) in cash as compensation for their child being killed in April by a vehicle in top US diplomat Samantha Power's motorcade, the Associated Press news agency reports.

A further five million francs was contributed by Cameroon's government, aid agencies and the UN, which also had officials in the convoy, to bring the cash payout to more than $10,000, AP adds.

It quotes US State Department spokesman James Loree as saying it was a "compensation package commensurate with local custom, as well as the needs of the family and village" in Cameroon's Far North province where seven-year-old Birwe Toussem was killed.

Mr Loree added:

This package included a potable water well in the boy's community that will serve as a lasting memory and some monetary, food, and other support."
AP says this includes two cows, hundreds of kilograms of flour, onions, rice, salt and sugar; and cartons of soap and oil.

Ms Power, the US ambassador to the UN, was in Cameroon to show support for the campaign against militant Islamist group Boko Haram when the accident happened. Ms Power's motorcade was moving at a fast speed when the sixth vehicle in it hit the boy after he darted on to the two-lane highway near the small city of Mokolo. Birwe was treated at the scene, but died soon afterwards.

Source: BBC Africa

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