Thursday, 30 June 2016

UK sanctions Cameroon timber traders for violating EU regulations

On Thursday June 16, the UK Authorities in charge of enforcing the EU Timber Regulations (EUTR), took action against 14 UK importers sourcing timber from Cameroon linked to illegal logging. The same action was implemented by the Netherlands in early March, which shows that timber from Cameroon is coming under increasing scrutiny in international markets.

“Cameroon’s authorities must examine this new set of sanctions and start investigating the companies in question as a first step to tackle the illegality and corruption in the timber sector. Furthermore, Cameroon must also ensure that the Voluntary Partnership Agreement co-signed with the EU is fully implemented to stop illegal logging and strengthen forest governance in Cameroon,” says Eric Ini, Forest Campaigner for Greenpeace Africa.
Cameroon’s forests are among the most species-rich in the Congo Basin, containing the region’s most biologically diverse forests, providing valuable habitat for endangered Western Lowland Gorillas, chimpanzees and forest elephants amongst other species. Unsustainable and illegal logging is leading to deforestation, destruction of the ecosystem and diminished resilience to climate change.

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