Monday, 27 June 2016

"Three-year jail term for begging" - according to the new Cameroon Penal Code

Cameroonians, especially lawyers are still reeling from the controversial Penal Code which was adopted on the evening of Tuesday June 22, by Parliamentarians under Bill No. 989/PJL/AN. Well, the following are some of the sections that raised controversy and caused the lawyers of Bamenda and Kumba to protest on the streets of their cities demanding a review of the Penal Code;

  •  Five- year jail term for beating & eviction of spouse from matrimonial home.
  • Heavy jail term for abandonment of matrimonial home.
  • Imprisonment for failure to pay rents.
  • Immunity for government ministers.
  • Six-year jail for adultery.
  • Three-year jail for begging. 


  1. True true withcraft

  2. Is it not time for cameroonians to rise up above this docile behavior of just receiving any kind of treatment from these leaders who should be in the nursing home? This is terrible. Now any minister can embezzle as much as he wants, without being held accountable. Ministers are Paulpo`s properties, he appointed them. Not the people`s choice.

  3. Parliament is addicted to "jail. " so backward. Unreasonable. What happened to the word "Fine?"����