Sunday, 12 June 2016

“Skin bleaching is not and will never be BrightenMi’s agenda” says co-founder DivaLenore

BrighteMi have been referred to as a bleaching cream by many even before it's launch on March 14, 2016. The creators of the cosmetic brand, Lily and DivaLenore made headlines on  several occasions for encourage skin bleaching in the black community. In a recent interview with 237exclusive the co-founder of BrightenMi said "skin bleaching is not and will never be BrightenMi's agenda when asked by her interviewer when asked what she had to say to those who think BrightenMi is a bleaching cream. 

"Brighten Mi first of all, is NOT a bleaching cream. Brighten Mi is a cosmetic line that sells an array of skincare products for now. We will be adding lots of products to our line which will include makeup and lots of other fun stuff we would rather introduce as a surprise.
On if our products bleach, I would say this would strongly depend on what a customer decides to do with our product.
Some people like myself have delicate, sensitive skin. A lot of people apart from pimples and breakouts,suffer embarrassing hyper pigmentation and sunburn. Some people have skin that’s been discolored due to over exposure tosunlight.These people have about four different skin shades. Our body lotions for example are designed for such people to restore evenness, but how do you successfully treat such a skin problem without lightening the problem areas?" she said. 
DivaLenore also exclusively told 237exclusive that BrightenMi is already in the process of opening a shop in Cameroon and everywhere in Africa to sell it's products. Read the full interview HERE

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