Monday, 13 June 2016

Orlando shooting victim who sent 'I'm gonna die' texts to his mum is confirmed dead (photo)

The Orlando shooting victim who sent heartbreaking text messages to his mum during the attack has been confirmed as among the 50 who died. He was named as Eddie Justice, and has now been confirmed to be among the fatalities. A Muslim extremist, Omar Mateen stormed into the gay nightclub in Orlando , Florida, at 2am on Sunday morning and began shooting at the crowd.
Mother Mina Justice showed TV reporters texts sent by her son Eddie Justice in which he said to his mum: "Mommy I love you. In club they shooting.""I’m gonna die" before chillingly writing "He’s coming".

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  1. Weyyyy..papa God..this is really sad..i know people like their second ammendment right, but smtig needs to be done..RIP