Sunday, 5 June 2016

Nick Cannon refuses to sign divorce papers with Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon is not ready to let Mariah Carey go yet! The pair has been separeted since August 2014 and filed for divorce just four months later. According to TMZ reports, Nick Cannon has refused to sign their divorce papers, making it illegal for Mariah Carey to wed her curent billionaire fiance, James Packer. Here is what TMZ reported below...
Mariah Carey wants a divorce and wants it badly, but Nick Cannon will not cooperate Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... Mariah has been trying to get Nick to sign off for nearly a year, but he just won't do it and won't say why.
As we reported, in December 2014 Nick and Mariah struck a property settlement agreement and they agreed to joint custody.We're told all of the issues have long been settled, yet Nick repeatedly has declined to sign the papers that would make the divorce official.Our sources say Nick -- even though he wanted out of the marriage -- still loves Mariah and doesn't want to officially let her go. He also doesn't want Mariah to marry her fiance, James Packer.Our sources say Mariah is frustrated and not flattered at all. She wants out ... and now


  1. Jealous Ex. He thought he was going to have the last laugh. After benefitting from things he never worked for. Sign divorce nor you di do Margo Margo lol.sorry young man she got herself a richer dude. Good riddance.

  2. Who be send yi for back perika...e sweet...Nick os doing exactly what I will do if u claim to move on faster than me.

  3. Hahahaha perika ask for divorce. Mariah beg soteh ei no gree. She was even depressed. Now she moves on to something better. Then this yeye jigolo boy want knock. Abeg abeg abeg.