Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Nathalie Koah is the new face of BrightenMi Cosmetics for Central Africa (photo)

BrightenMi bosses have officially announced Cameroonian socialite Nathalie Koah as the face of BrightenMi Cosmetics for Central Africa. The fast growing brand was launched online in March 14, 2016. 

On May 24, 2016 the company announced former Big Brother Africa room mate and socialite, Huddah Monroe as the face of BrightenMi Cosmetics for East Africa. BrightenMi products ranging from creams, cleansers to skin peels, developed to treat skin problems mainly due to acne and discoloration, and to nurture the body as a whole. The following is an official statement from the company...

Hello from BrightenMi Cosmetics,
We would like to officially introduce Ms #NathalieKoah‬ Nathalie koah officiel as the New brand ambassador for BrightenMi Cosmetics in Central Africa.
BrightenMi Cosmetics is a U.S. based company offering an array of skin care products aimed at targeting skin problems faced by most but not limited to people of color.
BrightenMi Cosmetics products target the following problems;
👉🏾Clears dark spots
👉🏾Restores skin clarity and glow
👉🏾Hyper Pigmentation
👉🏾Skin a Discoloration
👉🏾Prevention of Acne
👉🏾Eliminates skin impurities
👉🏾Repair cracked and damaged skin
BrightenMi Cosmetics understands the importance of safety when manufacturing skin products and as such, DOES NOT use any harmful products like Mercury,Steroids or Hydroquinone to manufacture products.
Main ingredients include only FDA approved fruit based acids/fungi.
There also exist the non brightening line of BrightenMi, which is the one Ms Nathalie Koah represents--->#BrightenMi‬ #Nutmeg‬.
All BrightenMi Nutmeg products DO NOT contain brighteners and are uniquely designed to even out your skin with prolonged usage.The nutmeg face cream also works great in reducing and or fading dark spots in a very gentle manner.
For more info,please like the BrightenMi Facebook page @BrightenMi Luxury Cosmetics and also follow on Instagram @brightenmicosmetics
When making your purchases,you are encouraged to use the coupon code "CodeNK10" in order to get 10% off your purchase.
Customer service can also be reached at


  1. Congratulations to these beautiful and hardworking CEOs.May the good lord continue to strengthen them and make their dreams come true.

  2. Hi, where are the BrightenMi bosses originally from?

  3. BrightenMi an official skin care product for side chicks!!

    1. Hahahahaha Anonymous you too much....