Sunday, 5 June 2016

Meet Miss Cameroon USA 2016 (photos)

Last night Jannick N. Nchamukong was crowned Miss Cameroon USA 2016. Jannick Nchamukong was born and raised in Bamenda. She is currently a student at the University of Maryland, University College, where she is pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems. Her ultimate goal is to become a Cyber Security Analyst for the U.S Government. In her free time, she enjoy watching movies, listening to music, and doing make overs for friends and family. 

As a Miss Cameroon USA, Jannick aspires to raise awareness about the importance of keeping accurate and permanent medical records, which would drastically improve patient care in Cameroon. Currently, visits with a physician are documented in a notebook containing medical history either from birth or from where the previous notebook stopped. This method of record keeping is not only inefficient, but risky in the event the notebook cannot be recovered. The use of computers, database management software and adequate training, will eliminate the loss of patient records and significantly decrease the number of medical errors in hospitals and clinics. 

See more photos below...


  1. She is gorgeous. She rocks the short hair. Proud of my Bali Nyonga sister, kudos gurlie��

  2. Smart and gorgeous lady. Congrats!!

  3. I never still understand miss Canada.