Monday, 13 June 2016

Media personality Krystn Enem recounts her encounter with Keri Hilson and Fally Ipupa (photos)

Keri Hilson and Fally Ipupa are currently in Nigeria for the grand finale of a music talent show called Trace Airtel Music Star. Krystn Enem was lucky enough to meet the pair at an event this weekend. This is what the Nigeria-based media personality had to say about her encounter with the superstars...
"On Friday night, I got invited by Wax Dey to a meet and greet session with Keri Hilson and Fallyyyyyyy. Did anybody hear me scream? Oh yes!!! I literally was holding my breath. Fally is such a fineeee one and humble too. It was an easy gathering. Keri Hilson is super sweet and amazing and it brings me to talk about this idea of African mentality. Imagine you get to an event in honour of Keri Hilson and Fally Ipupa and they are super sweet and receptive. Same event had Nigerian artists in attendance and you could smell the air of arrogance 10 feet afar lol. Some even came with bodyguards...*seriously rolling my eyes. Who will kidnap you at such an event.. Africans need to learn to chill, life is not that Duhhh... Like we care lol Anyhooo, we went straight up to those who mattered and for who we were there (Keri and Fally) All in all, it was a beautiful evening.
Saturday was equally amazing with the all white champagne party that turnt Lagos all the way up. My girl Joan Ngomba and I sure had fun. Lastly, I attended MeetMedia event and had a good time unwinding. The weekend was definitely a blast." 

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