Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Gervais Mendo Ze preaches the Gospel to inmates in prison (photo)

Disgraced former general manager of the Cameroon radio and television CRTV, Gervais Mendo Ze has been doing what he does best at the Kondengui High-security prison in Yaounde. Among the 52 former barons of the regime imprisoned for corruption and embezzlement, Gervais Mendo Ze is reportedly living a simple Christian life and giving well-researched lectures on Mary the Mother of Jesus.

Arrested since May 12, 2014, Mendo Ze has become one of the most popular and most loved personalities humiliated by the CPDM regime. Sources close to the university don say he is open to all who come to meet him and share a word of prayer. Reports say he has become a Rabbi at the Kondengui prison, teaching inmates the need to be responsible citizens.

The Associate Professor of Linguistics and founder of the choir “La Voix du Cenacle,” Gervais Mendo Ze often organize his prison conferences with thoughtful themes. He also organizes religious concerts.

BaretaNews will not judge the former GM and CPDM Baron. Judgement is left to the lord and we think everyone does change

Culled from Cameroon Intelligence Report.

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  1. A prison choir will be one of the best ideas ever.