Sunday, 12 June 2016

Fashion Designer Kibonen Nfi puts the Cameroon media on blast (video)

The founder of Kibonen NY and Made in Camer Fair Trade Production Plant, Kibonen Nfi is apparently not a fan of the Cameroon media. While speaking to Musi Nash Pictures the USA-based designer revealed she was shocked to find out that the Cameroon media doesn't know about her, despite all she has done over the past few years. 

She indicated that she was disappointed especially with the Bamenda Media for writing poor articles about her Made in Camer Faire Trade Production Plant project, even though she spent 500,000 FCFA at the press conference which was held on May 17th, 2016 at the Ayaba Hotel Conference Hall, Bamenda. Kinnaka's Blog gathered that 10000 quality fabrics produced by the fashion and design plant will be exhibited at the 25th anniversary of the Essence Musical Festival from June 30th to July 3rd 2016.

I think Kibonen Nfi may have a point but her arrogance renders it worthless! A little more humility would have been better.

Watch the interview below..


  1. Girl bye!!!!you have not worked with the cameroon media for the past 3 years, but you come back and expect them to still know who you are???.

  2. Your absolutely right girl. I feel u. Na hurry hurry for go drink "33" Di do them.

  3. ... she is an old name for the old schools, but she is just bringing her vision back to cameroon again like most cameroonians in the disapora will certainly do. but, if the new generation of media men and women do not know her its cuz of her absence in the past couple of years in kmer airwaves. myself havent heard of her for years now, but i used to hear of her campaigns often on Fb

  4. totally respect her claims and think as passionate as she sounds those words are totally deserve. There is just inadequate ethics management around certain media in our country if it is not gossips or alarming content. It would not be done with emphasis.