Monday, 13 June 2016

Exclusive: Alenne Menget cancels Florida tour because of mass shooting at a gay nightclub

Cameroonian producer and comedian Alenne Menget who has been dubbed by many as Jack of the Arts is currently on tour in the USA. The King of Cameroon entertainment arrived in America on June 1 and started touring the next day in Dallas, DC, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. 

According to our source Alenne's management have cancelled his appearance at an event in Florida due to the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. He will continue with the rest of his schedule in Houston and a private comedy party in Chicago on Saturday as planned. Our source added that Alenne Menget has been billed to show up at a Cameroonian business mogul's birthday who is a big fan of the character played my Alenne called Ni. 

It has not been all work for comedian as he has been pictured relaxing in 5 star hotels, on boast cruises and meeting with friends and other people in entertainment, like Naomi Achu. See photos below... 


  1. So should everyone in Florida pack their stuff and run off as well? Talk about unnecessarily dramatic actions... I beg!

  2. You again Mr/Mrs Anonymous'! You must really have sorry ass troubled soul.Go get a life "I beg" as you say.Go Ni! do ur thang & continue to make them bitter.(All dem Cowards who ain't got the balls to speak in your face).Bad belle no go leave wuna.