Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Charlie Sheen blasts Donald Tump for giving him fake cufflinks as wedding gift

Recently Charlie Sheen ripped into Donald Trump for giving him ‘fake diamonds’ as a wedding gift. Sheen revealed during an interview on the Graham Norton Show. The actor said Trump came up to him at a restaurant where he was having dinner with his then-wife Brooke Mueller and offered him fake jewelry as a present.

'I noticed Donald staring at my watch. He says, "I want to give you an early wedding gift from me and Melania,"' So he says, "These are platinum diamond Harry Winston," and he pulls off his cuff links and he gives them to me.'
Months later, when Sheen had the jewelry appraised, he said an expert found the cufflinks to be utterly worthless. 
'[The appraiser] took the loupe, spent about four seconds and kind of recoiled from it — much like people do from Trump,' Sheen said. 'She says, "In their finest moment, this is cheap pewter and bad zirconias." And they're stamped "Trump."'I just thought, what does this really say about the man that he said, "Here's a great wedding gift," and it's just a bag of dog s**t?'

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