Monday, 6 June 2016

Cameroon in top 20 most prosperous countries in Africa, according to Legatum Institute

According to the London think tank Legatum Institute, who published the "Africa Prosperity Report 2016" on 1st June 2016, Cameroon is the 18th most prosperous country in Africa. Out of this ranking of 38 African States, Cameroon is the leader in the CEMAC zone ahead of the Republic of Congo (28th), then Chad and Central African Republic who are the last two in the ranking. In the CEEAC area, Cameroon is second behind Rwanda.

The most prosperous country in Africa, according to this report, is South Africa. The Rainbow Nation is followed by Botswana and Morocco, who complete the top 3 of the "Africa Prosperity Report 2016". Egypt, who has just taken the spot of 2nd economy of the continent away from South Africa is 13th in this ranking, while Nigeria, first African economy, grabs the 26th spot. A full eight positions behind Cameroon.

Legatum Institute establishes its ranking based on the levels of GDP per inhabitant, as well as 89 factors grouped in 8 main categories. These include economy, availability of entrepreneurship opportunities, governance, education, health, security, individual freedom and finally social capital.

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