Saturday, 18 June 2016

Britain's first three-parent baby could be born within ONE YEAR

Britain’s first baby with three parents could be born next year after scientists declared the controversial IVF technique safe for use in women. The fertility technique, which is being pioneered Newcastle University, aims to allow couples whose children have been blighted by horrific genetic diseases the chance of having a healthy baby by using a second woman’s egg.
Such a child would effectively have three parents – the couple, plus the woman that donated the egg.

A study has shown a controversial IVF technique safe for use in women, which could lead to Britain's first three-parent baby within a year. The fertility technique (illustrated) is being pioneered Newcastle University and could enable couples carrying horrific genetic diseases to have a healthy baby using a donor egg

Now, following more than a decade of experiments on eggs and embryos in the lab, the scientists say they are ready to treat the first women.

However, concerns remain about the safety – and the researchers admit that they can’t guarantee that every baby will be healthy.

The controversy surrounds work aimed at eliminating incurable diseases caused by faulty mitochondria - the tiny sausage-shaped powerhouses inside cells that turn food into energy.

These defects cause serious illness in one in 6,500 babies and are responsible for 50 genetic diseases, many of which kill in infancy.

Women carrying damaged mitochondria can also miscarry repeatedly and often face the heartbreaking choice of whether it would be best to remain childless.

To help them, the scientists have developed a technique in which the mother-to-be's diseased mitochondria are swapped with healthy ones from an egg donated by another woman.

source: Daily Mail

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