Monday, 20 June 2016

BrightenMi bosses respond to Cameroonians who want Nathalie Koah fired as BrightenMi brand Ambassador

On June 8, 2016 BrightenMi announced Cameroonian socialite and entrepreneur Nathalie Koah as the new face of BrightenMi Cosmetics for Central Africa. Some Cameroonians who do not see Nathalie Koah as a suitable ambassador for the brand have taken it upon themselves to email the bosses of the skincare company demanding that Nathalie Koah should be fired. Today, the BrightenMi bosses publicly responded to the unsolicited advice with the following statement.
BrightenMi is all about empowering women.We decided to give our African sisters value by hiring them for the job and they've been doing just fine.This means we have an industry too,only it's being clouded with "hate"....
If you all notice,our company is about women.We are very happy with our ambassadors as they are doing a perfect job.
To those who email us day in and out suggesting who we should fire or hire please keep your opinions to yourselves.
I have zero tolerance for hate nowadays.Thank God for the "ban/block" buttons on Facebook.I have been making very good use of them.
To those who want to start smear campaigns,please go far away from BrightenMi or anything affiliated with us.
There are lots of gossip and hate pages out there for you guys to vent.
This space is for love and support.If you can't stand us,kindly make use of the exit button.
Don't email telling us who is a good or bad ambassador for BrightenMi.We would have asked if your opinion mattered.
Some of you who constantly share pictures and posts of our ambassadors have for some reason boycotted all posts concerning their affiliations with BrightenMi,apart from two bloggers I know and who know themselves.Theres only one reason you guys can't share.You know it's promo... Lol.
On a side note,thanks to everyone who has ever shared anything BrightenMi in a good way.We very much appreciate ☺️
Let's dump the hate and adopt love.It costs nothing.Don't support if you don't want to,but bashing and insulting our ambassadors is something BrightenMi has zero tolerance for,of course when done on our pages.
There is a long list of gossip blogs out there.Non supporters are welcome to go rant on those blogs as BrightenMi staff has no interest visiting gossip blogs.
People make mistakes in life.People also change.Kim kardashian happens to be one of the most successful celebrities even after a sex tape.Insulting these two young women calling them prostitutes day in and day out only makes them go higher.
Lily and I got labeled the same lol...But look where we are.We keep rising.I always say haters are very slow.They inadvertently promote what they don't like.
This was long but highly needed!
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  1. And the sales just skyrocket.

  2. I was never part of those who sent you emails to fire or hire anyone,In fact I am learning about your brand today and I am responding just to your above statement and nothing more. Ain't those women you empower suppose to be role models?- My honest opinion based on your above statement is that you are there just to make money (there's nothing wrong in that though), so make your money and stop talking about empowering women and that crap and shit!!

  3. True talker what's ur own huh? From ur comment I believe u are one of those with high level of hate ,see how u just di show hate for the ambassador and the bosses tsuuuiiipp

  4. Publicity is all abt making moneys... we use stars to make more money... when u talk of empowering women, why cant u walk via a refugee camp or go into srreets or buyam sellams nd choose a woman dere to empower as ur Ambassador...Remember, dere are many educated nd talented women in dose places

  5. Everyone deserves a second chance in life.Thats why even pencils have erasers.

  6. How much did these chicks pay you to always write about them?

  7. Anonymous 21 June at 8:31

    Ah sure na u be the gerl them bi di call am say "Casper the ghost" Bcoz u white like paper!!! Hater!!!

  8. I'm very biased when it comes to these brighten mi girls..I strongly disagree with their business so anything coming from them I don't take it well..they're making money fine but money is not everything! Whether who is firing who or employing who je m'en fou

  9. BrightenMi the body lotion for side chicks