Monday, 6 June 2016

BrightenMi Luxury Cosmetics set to launch a luxury lipstick line

Brightenmi is fast becoming a household name even though the brand is just 2 months old. According to our sources, the company registered a 60% increase in sales after May 24, 2016 when they announced Big Brother Africa star, Huddah as the face of BrightenMi Cosmetics for East Africa.

BrightenMi Luxury Cosmetics bosses are now gearing up to add a luxury lipstick line as part of the products of the company which started off with just skincare. BrightenMi co-founder DivaLenore shared the news with clients/fans as follows:
"The testing phase is over and a green light has been given for mass production.
BrightenMi Luxury Cosmetics, LLC would be introducing these three babies very soon.
You have all asked and we are honoring. Gorgeous lipsticks very rich in pigment.They are all matte and of superior quality. What I love about them is the fact that they do not stick.

Initial supply will be limited.So stay tuned to grab one of these before they disappear right before your eyes.
If you live in South Africa,please direct questions to Cmaa Nange...She will be happy to assist.
And oh...they are lightly scented.Now go kiss ‪#‎Bae‬ and he'll love you even more.😜"
Way to go ladies!

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  1. I like their push. And the diversity. Kudos to them. Since a a lip stick addict. Maybe I will patronise the movement.weldone ladies.