Thursday, 23 June 2016

Adulterous men could face jail in Cameroon

Men who commit adultery could be sent to jail under a new law being debated by parliament in Cameroon. The law has the backing of President's Paul Biya's party and so might be approved, BBC reports.
Women already face being jailed for between two to six months for having sexual relations outside marriage and men would face the same punishment.

Bar Association head Ngnie Kamga said the law would "take Cameroon backwards and would send more people to prisons".

The BBC's Richard Onanena in Cameroon says that women have been jailed for adultery.

"Men having children out of wedlock should be punished because that is evidence of adultery," one member of parliament, Tomaino Ndam Njoya, is reported to have said during the debate.


  1. Deuxième bureau is legal for men abon eh! Double standard. Am sure more than half of the cabinet will be working in jail. No doubt cheating is rampant

  2. What about adulterous women.. They won't face jail or will be allowed to sleep around.