Monday, 20 June 2016

A week of torrential rains trigger severe floods and landslides across vast swathes of Southern China

It appears Ghana is not the only country currently suffering from floods because of heavy rain. More than two dozen people have died and tens of thousands more have been evacuated after a week of torrential rains triggered severe floods across vast swathes of southern China.

Four million people have been battling floods in across ten provinces, with at least 25 people killed and 33,200 residents reportedly displaced, the countries Ministry of Civil Affairs has announced, Daily Mail reports.

The record rains have sparked swollen rivers and landslides, with images showing residents rowing boats past groups of deluges homes in Hunan province.

Rescue teams evacuating citizens on kayaks on the severely flooded streets of Zhuzhou in Hunan. Other images show overturned cars strewn across a hill struck by landslides. reports Press TV.

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