Tuesday, 21 June 2016

2face finally address the brouhaha between his wife Annie and babaymama Pero Adeniyi (video)

On June 1, 2016  2face's wife, Annie posted a cryptic message on Instagram about parents who keep their children away from the other parents just to spite them and people immediately assumed she was referring to Pero. Even Pero's sister thought she was throwing a shade at her sister, and immediately took to Annie's Instagram page to put her on full blast

Yesterday Annie shared a video on Snapchat with the captioned:  
“P n I r cool thou!!! No fighting!! 1love”. 

In the video 2face can be heard saying Annie and Pero are best of friends. This sounds to me like the Nigerian version of the saga between Amber Rose, Kim K and Kanye West! Watch the video below...

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  1. lol abeg make dem leave people. I pity Pero and her loud mouth sister who is fighting battles they can never win. I mean children are involved they should all just come to a compromise and live in peace.