Thursday, 12 May 2016

Woman found dead in her room in Douala with a 6 million FCFA cheque issued by Jesus (photos)

Mollo Ariel Blanche was discovered in her bed room at an advanced stage of decomposition with a cheque of 6 million FCFA in her room with the issuer named JESUS. Neighours say she was lastly seen worshiping in a revival or Pentecostal church last Saturday.

The commander of the Dogbong Gendarmarie Brigarde captain Lewatt led a command force to retrieve the corpse of the decease, that was already posing a public health issue to the population. While doing that it was discovered she was pregnant and a pregnancy test results found in her room.

This mystery is far from being over as questions are being posed whether she was killed or she died naturally? Only investigations if pursued will unveil the mystery behind the dead of this young woman. We will update you as details trickle in. RIP AREIL.


  1. The police should go guessing Mr Kemenjizwo Edouard....if he could transform to Jesus then he is not far.and that amount was probably 6000 that was edited to 6000000.

  2. Are stupid????can't u see the amount on letters or was that also edited???
    The simple thing to do to trace the person who.wrote that check.or who it belongs to is to go to BICEC bank and they will trace the check book number and give the exact name of the person since the real name on the check has been erased with a Pen and Jesus written beneath still with a pen.which is very amateur.
    The person who did that is very stupid. He should have just killed her and taken his he left a big evidence behind.
    I hope dis stupid police people can reason well customers this case is easy to solve.

    1. perhaps the killer wanted to be caught so left a puzzle.